Inspired by the DIY spirit of skate culture in the early 60’s, Side Project Skateboards are handcrafted from recovered hardwoods. 

The process is pretty straightforward. I find discarded pieces of wood, test them for structural integrity, assess their unique beauty piece by piece, clean them up, and design each board to celebrate the distinct character of these different wood species. 



The vast majority of Side Project Skateboards are made without any stains or coloring agents—instead celebrating the incredible colors and characteristics of wood in its natural state. When I do use stains, I make my own from organic materials such as natural indigo powder in lieu of using synthetic coloring agents, which are pretty gross. 



Most Side Project Skateboards are laminated, meaning that I glue different strips of wood together side by side. From there, I cut, shape and finish every skateboard by hand. Lastly, I apply two coats of marine grade varnish and laser etch the logo into every board, revealing the underlying wood just as I first found it.